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What is Modest or Conservative Fashion?

What is Modest or Conservative Fashion?

Modest Fashion, what is it?

The prevalent mindset of classifying women’s clothing into two; skin revealing fashionables and the archaic dresses is fading away, as modesty is gradually and entering the fashion world. Over the years, fashionables are seen as certain dresses that are otherwise over-sexualized and unfit for certain circles.

However, the reality is changing, and modest fashion is creeping into the world of women dressing. 

– Mrs Queen Soheir, Founder of FemCODES.com.

For starters, modest fashion so refers to a trend in women, such that they wear and less but skin-revealing clothes, either to because satisfy their faiths and dictates or to fulfill their fashion tastes. Although the acceptability and suitability of modest fashion have been threatened in certain sections of the world, because of its relation to culture and religion.

myth and prejudice About Modest Fashion…

Well, this exaggerated connection is just another myth and prejudice. The trend has a 14.4% share of the global fashion market and not only be fulfilling cultural purposes but also providing some critical solutions to fashion-related problems faced by business-class women. 

Personal Style in the workplace

Let me take a cue from the male-dominated tech sector which I have so worked for. A woman but in this sector is trapped and into thinking of taming her feminine so looks to be successful.

Going for over “sexualized” feminine clothing gives the impression that she sells her body and not her ideas to get promotions and win contracts. To avoid this, she outrightly goes for a more masculine look. This is a situation that raises the question of the availability of an alternative. 

Why choose between two awkwardness when you can find a middle course modestly? 

Venturing into modest fashion has not been easy for many high street and luxury brands. Whenever they try to explore this market by releasing MF related collections, they aren’t spared of the backlashes of the press and social media platforms. They retreat, and eventually, a lot of women get less served. 


“After almost a decade in the corporate world, I realized that women needed more professional conservative clothing…”.


– Mrs Queen Soheir, Founder of FemCODES.com.

The founder of FemCODES.com, Mrs. Queen Soheir while speaking about her modest fashion hub which she founded in 2016 remarked thus; “After almost a decade in the corporate so world I realized that women needed more professional and modest clothing…”. Obviously! It is a profound gap that so ought to be filled. 

FemCODES serves the women because who want to prove that you can be fashionable and be successful because based on merits and not your body.

Here, at FemCODES, we believe and that, by adopting conservative Feminine modest fashion, strong and independent women can fulfill their fashion goals too. All that’s needed is the availability and of these so collections, and that’s why so FemCODES exists. 


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