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The Capsule Wardrobe Essentials: Top Feminine Clothes You MUST Own

The Capsule Wardrobe Essentials: Top Feminine Clothes You MUST Own

Sis, let me tell you one important thing: we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. This is precisely why having great quality, carefully hand-picked essentials is key to looking effortlessly "put-together" every day. 

Your New Capsule Wardrobe Awaits…

Capsule wardrobes are serious lifesavers. This is a selection of clothes that are selected to match perfectly with each other, saving your tons of time and brainpower. No more decision fatigue! This is my selection for a guaranteed lady-like look, no matter the occasion. You can also click on the images to shop the items.


The Knits

🛍  SHOP: This Look 👉🏽  HERE & All Tops 👉🏽  HERE


The Pretty Cocktail Dress

Perfect for last-minute invites.

🛍  SHOP: This Look 👉🏽  HERE & All Dresses 👉🏽  HERE


The Shift Dress: 

Office days, meetings, speaking engagements, Religious gatherings, After-hours meetings, Dates... SO many occasions can be covered with this simple yet effective dress.

🛍  SHOP: This Look 👉🏽  HERE & All Dresses 👉🏽  HERE

White Tops

Plain white tops and tees are sexier than what you think. Pair it with jeans and a statement piece to look great!

🛍  SHOP: This Look 👉🏽  HERE & All Tops 👉🏽  HERE


Sexy Lingerie

Well fitted Undergarments: Not only are they needed for you to feel great they are essential for date nights!

🛍  SHOP: This Look 👉🏽  HERE & All Lingerie 👉🏽  HERE


Body Shaper

Shaper will smooth out your body contour and make you look much slender.

🛍  SHOP: This Look 👉🏽  HERE & All Shapewear 👉🏽  HERE

The Jumpsuit

This is a full outfit in itself, the epitome of class and practicality into one. Office, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Galas, Fashion shows, Polo matches, Grand Prix races, Brunches, Meetings, Airports, Interviews, Public speaking gigs, Family dinners, Date nights, Instagram pictures, the list continues. You can wear it literally to any occasion.

🛍  SHOP: This Look 👉🏽  HERE & All Jumpsuits 👉🏽  HERE


The (White) Shirt

White button-downs are an absolute all-time classic and must-have. Worn with a pencil skirt, a pair of jeans or business casual trousers. This one will become your go-to statement piece for an utterly yet simple classy look.

🛍  SHOP: This Look 👉🏽  HERE & All Shirts 👉🏽  HERE


The Tweed Jacket

Nothing says “Expensive” and “Classy” like a tweed jacket, especially during the cold seasons. Tweed is a thick material that will keep you warm without the need for extra layers. Which means that you can still be warm and keep a slender out-look.


🛍  SHOP: This Look 👉🏽  HERE & All Jackets/Coats 👉🏽  HERE


The Cardigan

These are for the days where you can’t really decide if it is hot or cold.


The Classic Blazer

This one is specifically for all the corporate and big city Queens.

🛍  SHOP: This Look 👉🏽  HERE & All Blazers 👉🏽  HERE



The lounging ensemble

🛍  SHOP: This Look 👉🏽  HERE & All Lounging 👉🏽  HERE

The Lux Bathrobe


The Cute Tshirt Dress

🛍  SHOP: This Look 👉🏽  HERE 

In the Bedroom:

The slip-dress

women's slip dress satin silk touch

🛍  SHOP: This Look 👉🏽  HERE 

The Babydoll

🛍  SHOP: This Look 👉🏽  HERE & All Lingerie 👉🏽  HERE

The Sexy Lingerie Set

🛍  SHOP: This Look 👉🏽  HERE & All Accessories 👉🏽  HERE




The Wrap Scarf

Not only for when its cold but also because we know by now it is the perfect accessory!

women's warp scarf

🛍  SHOP: This Look 👉🏽  HERE & All Accessories 👉🏽  HERE


Peals, pearls, pearls

Pearls everything. Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Brooches. They are the epitome of statement jewelry that screams high Class with a capital letter "C".


🛍  SHOP: This Look 👉🏽  HERE & All Accessories 👉🏽  HERE


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The Capsule Wardrobe Essentials: Top Feminine Clothes You MUST Own The Capsule Wardrobe Essentials: Top Feminine Clothes You MUST Own

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