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Feminine Style Guide

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I’ve lost TWO of my aunts to Breast Cancer #vulnerablemoment Ladies, we’ve reached October ALREADY () the annual Breast Cancer Awareness mon...

How to infuse sensuality in your life

How to infuse sensuality in your life   “Sensuality is a state of being & a lifestyle” Sensual isn’t much of a word you hear every day. It tend...

The Misconceptions About Feminine Style

 Ok Ladies, Let's talk about the MAJOR misconceptions about dressing feminine and how these keep you from living your BEST life. Make sure you SU...

How To Preserve Your High Value & Feminine Energy During A Crisis

Yes, we’re living through a crisis. But what if? What if what’s truly happening is the soil from where you completely change your life for the bett...

How Upgrading Your Style Will Transform Your Life

A new life through a better style… Have you ever heard statements in the lines of “Clothes or style aren’t important, it’s what you have inside o...

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