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Style Archetype: Are You The Busy Queen?

Style Archetype: Are You The Busy Queen?

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You are THE BUSY QUEEN if...

Juggling between tasks is your lifestyle. You’re the kind of person who likes doing things very fast. You like spending your time doing a lot of stuff. You try to balance everything.

You are keen on trying new things and challenges in life. And try to stay true to yourself.

The hobbies of the Busy Queen can vary from skiing to cycling, also she likes spending her time in a peaceful way, just reading an article or playing games with friends or children. She likes combining activities at the same time. The Busy Queen has a group of friends with whom she meets during the weekends.


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As a Busy Queen, you like trying new products and don’t mind paying extra for the quality. Also, you are kind of deal hunters and have a list of favorite brands. 

So fashion-wise, you expect nothing less than a wardrobe that can adapt to your super-charged schedule of various activities. 

What you need is a set of versatile fashion staples that you can effortlessly mix and match into different outfits.


Your New Capsule Wardrobe designed especially for you: 

All the pieces have been carefully selected to keep up with your demanding lifestyle and they all match with each other. This way you can put together your perfect outfit in a matter of seconds.

Your Wardrobe basics:

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Your Pinterest Board:

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