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Style Archetype: Are You The Queen Rising?

Style Archetype: Are You The Queen Rising?

You are THE QUEEN Rising if...

As a Queen on the Rise, you are on your journey to level up! Mentally, spiritually, physically, and or financially. Or all of the above, you are on a mission to becoming the best version of yourself. You are aware of your great potential and are ready to put things together to get you there. Fast.




Like the Queen that you are, you spend a lot of time caring for yourself. 

You dress fashionably, go to beauty centers, and/or the gym, to serve your transformation goals.

You are very ambitious while working and want to get as far as possible. Generally, you like to work on your own.

You are passionate and like to live in the moment.

You like being with friends, going to lunches or pubs. 

As a Queen Rising, you need an overall style that represents the best version of you.


Your New Capsule Wardrobe designed especially for you:

All the pieces have been carefully selected to enhance your naturally beautiful features. They all match each other. This way you can put together your perfect outfit in a matter of seconds.


Your Wardrobe basics:

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Your Pinterest Board:

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