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Style Archetype: Are You The Queen BOSS?

Style Archetype: Are You The Queen BOSS?

You are THE QUEEN BOSS if... 

The natural leader. The Queen. The Boss.

You are The QueenBOSS, a natural leader. A high achiever with a long list of accomplishments to your name. As such, you also have a lot of responsibilities and don’t like taking orders from others. You tend to be patriotic and have a deep appreciation for your country’s traditions, and heritage.


Prestige, status, and image are important to you QueenBOSS. You naturally command respect and want to make powerful impressions. 

You are the epitome of the VIP and like collecting platinum club memberships. You highly appreciate it when the world caters to you. No waiting in lines, no second-tier status, no asking twice. You simply expect the best in life.

You prefer luxurious and high-end fashion staples





What you need is a powerful impact capsule wardrobe for when you’re ready to command the room. One that will help you dress to impress on more formal days working on your next campaign. With statement pieces that you can wear while giving a keynote presentation or back-to-back meetings.


Your New Capsule Wardrobe selected especially for you:

All the pieces have been carefully handpicked to keep up with your demanding lifestyle. They all match each other. This way you can put together your perfect outfit in a matter of seconds. Completely decision fatigue-free!


Your Wardrobe basics:

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