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Style Archetype: Are You The JetSet Queen?

Style Archetype: Are You The JetSet Queen?

You are THE JetSet QUEEN if...

You like being modern and in trend, having interests in foreign cultures and the newest technologies. 

What is important to you is to be successful and perceived as such from your circle of friends, family, etc.

You tend to like exhilarating activities, challenges, and seek constant advance in your career. And the ones around you have to adapt to this.



You have a very active social life, so you go out very often. You love to try new restaurants and traveling to foreign countries as it makes life meaningful. 

You are an intelligent woman who likes to educate herself on various subjects, business, financial, entertainment, sports, news, apps, movies, etc.



Quality is important to you, so you like new things and premium brands. Falling in love with the clothes that you buy is an absolute must.



What you need is a fabulous looking capsule wardrobe, that can take you from the office to your after-hours social outings. And from a Sunday brunch in New York to the sizzling beaches of Dubai.


Your New Capsule Wardrobe designed especially for you: 

All the pieces have been carefully selected to keep up with your glamorous lifestyle. They all match each other. This way you can put together your perfect outfit (or pack up your bags) in a matter of seconds.

Your Wardrobe basics:

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Your Pinterest Board:

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