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Stay At Home In Style

Stay At Home In Style

The Quarantine Edition: Stay At Home In Style

 Let's talk loungewear and how to dress around the house ladies.💕  I personally have upgraded all of my loungewear way before the quarantine since I have been working from home since 2017. And I was then looking for sexy, elegant, AND comfy stuff to wear at home.

That's where I encountered all the stupid looking loungewear the retail stores were carrying.

It was a pure WTF moment. 🤦🏼‍♀️  So I made a point of working with my suppliers to add elegant and sexy pieces on Femcodes.

I now have an entire collection of clothes I wear around the house, I even pushed it as far as having beauty products I wear at home only.

✨ Such as lightweight foundations, creams that cover my dark circles and blemishes.

💕  As well as comfy and feminine hair bands/ties; jewelry etc. to complete the looks
✨  Not only for me but because I have a man at home. Let's not forget that maintaining our looks is part of what makes a marriage last.

So I highly recommend that for you if you have a man at home.

Dressing for success starts with building this as a habit for yourself first and foremost.

Side effects of dressing up at home:

✨ You always feel that boost of self-confidence for looking hot🔥

🔥 Your partner gets to enjoy the show and yes, 👉🏽 you can then ask him anything you like and get higher chances of him obliging (😉 you're SO welcomed!)

✨ You can open the door to surprise visitors without feeling in a rush to get ready before they leave. 👉🏽  Or pick up any surprise face-time/zoom calls

🔥 You can walk your trash out and still look hot.

✅  Effortless Work from home styles.

And many more... But then dressing up outside the house won't feel like an effort, well because you ALWAYS dress well, duh!😉  Have you upgraded your loungewear this year already? if not, keep reading 👇🏽

Keep Things In Style, Even At Home.

Whether you’re now working from home or not, staying elegant and feminine even at home is something I completely recommend. And here’s how… .

The Lingerie Game.

All Lingerie items have a lifetime. Meaning after a certain period of time, they’re not doing the job they were created for. Bras, for example, have a lifetime of six months. After this, it’s time to replace them. I advise you to go through your current selection and ditch out the ones that have been used past 6 months. And if it’s time for you to replace them, head over our hottest French Lingerie selection below…


The Lounge-wear Game.

When it comes to lounge wear, ditch your old workout sweaters. Yes, I know they are comfortable, but elegant and feminine? I don’t think so! You can shop for our feminine looking lounge wear right below.


Adorn Thyself

Being at home, doesn't mean that you shouldn't wear beautiful accessories. Pair different jewelry everyday to add some sass to your look and break routine style boredom.


Looking for more loungewear to wear? SHOP our latest collection NOW. 👇🏽🔥

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