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How To Look Effortlessly Classy Everyday

How To Look Effortlessly Classy Everyday

How to look effortlessly classy AND with your existing wardrobe

So, you are admiring those outfits featured in fashion magazines; And you most likely wonder how to look chic with your existing wardrobe. To tell you a secret: blouses, pants, and shoes can be mixed in multiple ways; so that you can reuse them for several types of outfits. Thus, let’s see how to look classy on a budget with the help of essential clothing items you must have in your wardrobe.

Look for the BASICS 🛍

The secret weapon to a wardrobe is to have powerful basics. These are legendary pieces such as the famous Little Black Dress, the white button-down shirt, The pair of Jeans, The pair of trousers, The trench coat, etc. These are called basics because they preferably come in plain colors. This means that whilst you'll be wearing them all over again, people won't be able to tell!

How? This leads me to the following...👇🏽

Adorn Thyself ✨

By adding, mixing and matching different additional pieces and accessories, you will be able to make the same outfit look COMPLETELY different. What are those pieces?

Jewelry, belts, scarves, jackets, blazers, vests etc.

Always opt for a natural makeup 💄

If you are searching for ways to look classy on a budget, our recommendation is to use natural makeup. Neutral tones offer that exquisite look that transmits you value your appearance, but at the same time, you are modest. 🎀

Pink or brown makeup pallets are the best choice for a chic appearance. Also, you can add a lipstick in a soft shade of pink, so that you can underline your beautiful facial features.

Consider a loose hairstyle 💁🏼‍♀️

The fanciest outfits always start with a hairstyle that looks natural. There is no need to struggle with heavy curls or fancy hair do-overs. We recommend for a classier appearance to consider a loose ponytail.

In this way, your outfit will look both classy and luxurious. You will be amazed about how a loose ponytail can transform your look!


Tend for your manicure 💅🏼

When it comes to looking expensive, you should know that not everything is about your clothing items. Small details can add an extra touch of style, which is why our tip for looking classy on a budget is to keep your manicure spotless.

Thus, for a Queenly look, always trim your nails and remove chipped nail polish. In this way, your hands will look beautiful, while your outfit will get a more appealing note.

Invest in Quality 🛒

There is no need to go over the budget when shopping for clothes. All you have to do is choose a couple of crucial wardrobe elements that will help you create distinct outfits.

As an example, a high-waisted skirt is a must-have if you want to look both fancy and classy.

This cream lace Dress, which adds an extra note of fabulousness. Also, you can add to your wardrobe our iconic TouthHounds Dress, as this color pattern will never go out of style.

Still, our top recommendation to look classy on a budget is to wear a long sleeve velvet dress.

It is the best choice for a multitude of events, as this dress is both comfortable and one of a kind. We guarantee you will stand out at any event due to the intriguing flair it will offer to your appearance. And the most satisfying part is you can choose from several colors, depending on your preferences.

Well, the truth is that more than being stylish, a classy outfit is all about looking polished.

Therefore, you should always make sure your outfits are planned a night before wearing them, and that they are clean and unwrinkled.

Nevertheless, the essential part of a classy outfit is your attitude. Being confident will make any clothing item in your wardrobe worth wearing by a Queen!

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