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Halal Fashion Wardrobe Basics

Halal Fashion Wardrobe Basics

Halal Fashion Wardrobe Basics


Salam Sister! 
As we already know, being both fashionable and modest is challenging.
And this happens because you either can't find anywhere to shop for appropriate clothing OR might’ve purchased a lot of items in a SALE spree, so you ended up with some modest Halal fashion clothing items for which you have no clue how to match.
And perhaps you're concerned about how to create the perfect Muslim street style and preserve your modesty.
Rest assured, here at FemCODES, we’ve got you covered!
And we’ve shared in this article useful tips about how to wear modest clothing.
Read on to discover Halal Fashion wardrobe basics.


1. Abayas and casual styles

Of course, the first thing you need to know about the main Halal fashion wardrobe basics is that your Abaya can be both traditional and stylish.

And it is a great addition to any formal or informal occasion you might attend.

Traditional black Abaya fits smoothly any outfit, while a nicely decorated one might be recommended for a dinner outfit. 

Our recommendation for the best Halal fashion wardrobe is to add to your collection this Dubai Abaya Embroidered.

It comes in several nuances, while the beautiful and subtle embroidery makes this outfit worthy of a Queen!

Besides, it can be great as a Muslim street style, and at the same time, it can be transformed into a modest fashion evening outfit.

2. Scarves and  street styles

A street style is somehow a combination of a casual and relaxed outfit. And what better way to achieve the best Halal fashion wardrobe, rather than having a collection of scarves? 

Take as an example, this Aaliyah Pearl Headscarf.

It is a versatile modest clothing item that can be worn in distinct styles.

Also, it can fit any outfit, but it is especially recommended if you want to create an attractive Muslim street style. You can choose from a wide array of colors to fit all your modest clothing!


3. Muslim dresses and Muslim fashion

And you cannot skip from your Halal fashion wardrobe basics the traditional Muslim dress.

This is a comfortable, easy-to-wear, and extremely fashionable modest clothing item you need to have! Usually, it comes in one color, with a nice and subtle waist underlining.

And we can say for sure it will be the best maxi skirt dress you will ever wear. 


So, you can add to your wardrobe this Safeerah Pleated Abaya Muslim Dress. It is one of the most stylish Muslim street styles you can create, while it can easily be transformed into a more formal Muslim fashion outfit.

No matter what is the event you will attend, you will feel extremely comfortable in this cotton maxi skirt dress while looking fabulous!

3. Layer, layer & layer

If you're transitioning into a modest personal style, it doesn't mean that all your previous clothes must go to waste. I've been there, and by mixing different pieces that cover different body part will ensure that you can still wear some of your favourites.



I love adding pieces like our Belinda dripping in diamond removable false collar. You know those pretty dresses or tops with a cleavage that's way too deep? Now you can wear them, with Belinda underneath! Belinda is also perfect for the times where you want to look more professional and layering it under your jumpers or tops.


The bottom line is that the Halal fashion wardrobe basics are so versatile that they allow you to use your imagination and create the most amazing Muslim casual outfit.

You can look like a Queen while feeling comfortable and confident in your outfit. And the best part about it is that you won’t have to go over the budget to achieve a Queenly look.

All you need are some modest clothing items that can be easily mixed and matched with your favorite accessories.  

The art of feminine essence and elegance. Learning to be a woman in a man’s world.


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