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5 Classy and Preppy outfits To Level Up Your Style With Elegant Modesty

5 Classy and Preppy outfits To Level Up Your Style With Elegant Modesty

Whether you are on a level up journey to look more feminine or to upgrade your lifestyle to higher spheres and social circles; the preppy outfits and looks are one of the classics. A guaranteed NO-FAIL style move. So where do you start? Follow the guide. Moi.

If you haven’t seen Gossip Girl or Clueless (Don’t you dare telling me you haven’t! 😉) these are the epitome of Preppy outfits to copy. According to your body type of course. Let’s start with the materials and prints.


Preppy Materials

Tweed is the number Uno material to give your outfit a Preppy vibe. I recommend going for the lighter color on your wheel palette. This will give you an accentuated feminine look. Depending on how thick is this material, you can wear it throughout fall to spring.

Nothing, I repeat, nothing says luxurious and preppy more than cashmere and wool materials.

My personal recommendation is to have a statement tweed coat, vest or jacket that will instantly elevate your looks

Cotton linen materials are perfect for warm days.

The Accessories


Bow Headbands, French Beret, Bow ties, Pearls, lace gloves. You name it! That’s where you have FUN and mix and match those with your outfits as you please. These are pretty old-school and rarely worn as time passes by; so when you make a point of adding them in your outfit, it immediately elevates your style from plain to PREPPY LUX.

The Craftmanship

Obvs’ the better the piece of clothing is made the more it will look preppy and lux. Now pay attention to the stitching. Especially the diamond-shaped ones or quilted. This is an old couture technique used by channel and other luxurious brands because it’s strong and holds the materials together very neatly. Which means, higher quality, more durable and wash-proof.



Monograms, Monograms & More Monograms

Creating monograms with your initials is a VERY “old money” tradition. Because Preppy is all about traditional style, monograms are on the top list of your ideal outfit. On your sweaters, blazers, jewelry, just stamp your monograms everywhere.


Preppy shoes are usually simple, but they complete your look and make you feel like you’re power-walking wherever you go. While you can make any shoe style work with a preppy outfit (except combat boots, perhaps), the following should be your go-to shoes in your perfect prep world.


Ballet flats are another must-have that effortlessly go with almost all preppy outfits. They usually come in basic colors like navy blue, black, and white, but you can also find nudes, bright colors for a “pop”, and preppy patterns like plaid and polka dots.


Names after the shoes worn by a comic book character “Marry Jane” in the early 1900s, these shoes became a staple of preppy style beginning in the 1920s and 30s. These patent leather heels have also been seen on the runway for famous preppy brands like Dior and Yves Saint Laurent.

The great thing about Mary Janes is that they are versatile and comfortable so you can pair them with jeans, a sheath dress, a blazer/slacks combo, and more.


For British boarding school and preppy student vibes, go for loafers or oxfords. These are great work options and pair well with slacks, skits, and even jeans.


Would this be a preppy list without mentioning boat shoes? We think not.

Turn a regular outfit into a preppy one by throwing on a classic pair of Sperries. Men can pull off boat shoes for “fancier” outfits, but most girly outfits with boat shoes are more casual in nature. Pair them with white jeans and a blue and white striped button-up for an outfit that has you ready for a day out on the sailboat or at the country club.

Boat shoes are also a perfect summer shoe that goes well with shorts and skirts.

Want more preppy outfit inspirations? I made an entire Pinterest board about it. And while you're at it, JOIN our Feminine Style Prep monthly membership.


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